How it works ?

HostnPop is an easy-to-use platform. See below the few steps to follow. A few clicks enable you to list your spaces for events. You can upload many spaces with one profil only. One space is equivalent to one subscription.

#1Create an Account

Click on 'Be Host' and get connected.

#2Submit your space

Create your profil and submit your spaces in few minutes only


Do not forget to communicate about the rental of your spaces to gain as much demands as possible !


HostnPop speeds up the linking between the Host and the Pop (the renter) and facilitate the research. Bring to the fore all your suitable spaces for all kind of events chosen by you. Hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, private beaches… Welcome individuals, other professionals, and service providers in your unique spaces. Host meetings, seminars, cocktails parties, art galleries, weddings, birthday parties, and more... turn your venues....!


HostnPop refers all your exploitable surfaces. You can rent your space to individuals, professionals and to any service providers. You will love proposing your kitchen to a chef, or to propose your rooftop for a yoga class, even your backyard for a BBQ party. If you have an apartment, a house, a backyard, a loft, a boat, or anything else, do not hesitate to share it with them !


Propose your service to professionals, and to individuals. HostnPop will put you in touch with people that are looking for a suitable provision of services. By referencing, you will open your doors to many unique opportunities. You can be a caterer, a DJ, a wine/champagne merchant, a magician, a musician, a photopgrapher… do not hesitate to expand your network. They await you!