Try new horizons for your events!

Wheredo you plan it ?

French Riviera

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

As our motto means, HostnPop picks up all kind of assets, for all kind of events, at anytime.

We often know « what », but we don’t know « where », and finding the perfect place has never been so easy. HostnPop is a platform that gathers private and professional properties. Also, we propose you service providers that will tailor-made your events.

Imagine having a rooftop as a yoga class,or enjoying a brunch with your friends in a garden, or having a meeting in a cozy ambiance, and why not getting married on a beach?

HostnPop has been created to facilitate event planning and to make it easier by anyone, and for anyone.

Don’t look further, we found it for you. If it’s not at home, it’s somewhere else.